Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Start the purchase of your new home on the right foot. A pre-purchase inspection will thoroughly check all accessible areas of your home and report on minor (and any major defects found).

Timber Pest Inspection Report

A pest inspection is very important to ensures your home does not show signs of termite activity:

  • We will report on visual termite activity, termite damage, borers & timber decay.
  • Inspection of all accessible areas and structures of the main building and the sites boundaries.
  • A visual inspection of internal areas, roof space, external areas, subfloor areas, outbuildings, fences & areas or structures of the main building & the sites boundaries.
  • Advice on termite management programs. The inspector will provide information on the most suitable termite management for your home.
  • Advice on reducing the risk of termite attack. There are so many ways to reduce conducive conditions for termite attack and the inspector will highlight the areas of your property that need attention.

Use of thermal camera & moisture meter

We perform moisture checks to the foundation, floors and walls. The use of a thermal camera can identify leaks and also the presence of pests within the cavity walls and timber.